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Red Lingerie

Teresa May Milf Porn Star naked

Red Lingerie


These individual photos of me Teresa May in my bedroom stripping out of my sexy red lingerie are available as 6 x 4 inch, 5 x 7 inch and A4. I will personally sign each photo to the buyer. Please click buy now button that’s at the top and bottom of the page to make a purchase. This will open up an email page. All you need to do is let me know what pictures you want to buy and what size and I will do the rest. Please don’t put your address or card details in your email.

Prices are: £1.99 for 6 x 4, £2.99 for 5 x 7 and £9.99 for A4 – Appropriate postage will be added to the order.

All orders are sent Royal Mail signed for.

Love Teresa x

Buy Diazepam Tablets



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